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Question asked by KerryRusso on Apr 11, 2011
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Value Lists & FileMaker PHP API



I'm very new to Filemaker Pro 11.

I'm using FM in conjunction with the PHP API and have got the hang of it for the most part. One nagging issue is a value list that uses values from a specified field. One curious thing is that the specified field has duplicate values but loses these duplicates when being viewed in browse mode (meaning that I am viewing a search form that uses the values list as a the values for drop-down/select box). Is that default behavior?

The main reason I need help is that I am trying to get the values list through code:

$vlRegions = $layout->getValueListTwoFields('CatalogAppellation');

However, it's not returning any values. I am doing the same thing for two other values lists that have custom values and do not depend on a table for its values and they work fine. Any thoughts?

NOTE: I did not design or populate this database. I'm just creating an interface for it.

Thank you.