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Question asked by KS on Feb 22, 2010
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Value lists & Include Only Related


After years of using value lists, I am now having some confusion about using the related form. I hope someone can help clarify whatever it is that I am missing.


I have a table of doctors and a table of clients. I want a value list of clients by doctor. Client table has a doctor_ID field. I have the relationship set up between doctor and client tables. And, I have a layout based on doctor that will show in a portal the list of related clients. Works fine.


If I make a value list of a doctor's clients, no problem when I use "Include All values". No problem if I set "Include Only Related" AND USE IT ON THE LAYOUT /table the value list is definded for.


I have another layout which is a calendar entry. One field of the calendar entry is the client being seen.  I want the value list of the CURRENT doctor's clients to be a pop-up menu for this field. But, I get <Unrelated Table> message in the pop-up when it is selected. 


I am guessing that I've got to provide some kind of relationship on the calendar layout side so that it knows which doctor to base the value list on. But what exactly do I have to do to make the value list work? I cant quite figure it out.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. It seems like it should be so simple...