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    Value Lists - Carriage Return stops me entering small articles



      Value Lists - Carriage Return stops me entering small articles


      I am having a bit of trouble here.

      I am using assigning a value list to a field, and I've not had any problems so far, as most value lists would be something like:




      Yellow etc...

      However, I want to enter three options, but these options are like mini-articles, so they contain "returns" or "carriage returns" I think they are called?

      How can I enter three articles in the Value List without the value list thinking the "returns" mean a new value???

      I am not very advanced, so please don;t get too technical with your words :-)

      Many thanks,


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          If you want to add red, green and blue to your field, hold down the shift key while selecting them. (Or format your field with checkboxes instead of a drop down list or popup menu.)

          If you want red<return>Green<return>Blue<return> to be a single item in the value list, it can't be done. You'll need to use a different method for selecting your value. You might store such values in a field in a related table and use a script or looked up value field option to copy the text into your field. An auto-enter calculation might also serve, depending on the field formats you choose to use. If this second option is what you had in mind, respond back with an example using the actual data you want in the value list and I'll describe some of these options in more detail.

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            Hi Phil, thanks for getting back to me so quickly - it's a great help.

            Ok, I will enclose below the actual data. The purpose of what I am doing is to try and create a database of all the charity events we have, with many fields, so that I can export the data to the organisations' requirements (and they vary) to put online so we can hopefully get volunteers to help our events. (As it happens, we actually need a volunteer who uses FM to help me as I am not good enough, and being deaf I need to do everything online as the telephone option is out!)

            Be warned - it is quite long. This Role Description os for our Shopping Centre Charity Events. I will have several others of similiar layout, except the text will be amended for that role.

            Hope that makes sense Phil?



            Charity Pool Exhibitions is an organisation based in Stoke on Trent which specialises is raising funds for Against Breast Cancer through the following activities;


              •  Shopping Centre Interactive Pool Events - Pool Events where the public are given the opportunity to play and watch Carl ‘Houdini’ Morris, a professional pool player and former world champion, in return for a minimal donation to charity
              •  Collections & Stalls - Collecting at supermarkets and shopping centres
              •  Online Fundraising - securing donations online through online marketing
              •  Own Fundraising Activities - organise and run your own events as part of our aim to raise £1m for the charity
              •  Recruit - Recruit volunteers for our events


            Role Title:

            Shopping Centre Pool Ticket Overseer & Fundraiser


            •  To oversee ticket sales for the pool event and collect donations


            Day to Day Support and Supervision:

            All tasks will be carried out with support and guidance from the organiser on site.

            Key Tasks:

            •  Overseeing ticket sales for the pool event.
            •  Manage the pool event cash float.
            •  Managing the crowd when it gets busy to ensure it does not block the volunteers out.




            Training will be provided for volunteers prior to the event taking place and lasts around five minutes.

            Benefits for the Volunteer:


            The placement will provide an opportunity for the Volunteer to:

            • Increase social skills and team-working experience.
            • Enjoy the experience of volunteering as part of a friendly team.
            • Increase their confidence and gain new knowledge and skills.
            • Become involved in delivering a valuable service to the charity.
            • Meet new people.
            • Contribute to the success of Volunteering within the community.




            Volunteers will carry out their duties at a pre-arranged location on mutually agreed days and times.

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              Please explain how all that connects to your value list question. When you are selecting values from this list, what do you need to select and how do you need to be able to select it?

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                Sorry, shows what an amateur I am (or beginner more likely).

                Basically, I have a field for "Event Volunteer Role Description" and because we focus on three kind of events as follows:

                1. Supermarket Collections

                2. Shopping Centre Pool Events

                3. Pre-Determined Events

                Therefore, when I have filled in the Event_Type, Event_Charity_Name, Event_Leader fields etc and come to the Event_Volunteer_Role_Description field, there are three kind of descriptions at present, and I would like to be able to choose one of the three. (The role description for above is for the Shopping Centre Pool Event).

                So, instead of the values being a simple Yes/No, the  values would be the Event Volunteer Role Descriptions.

                Hope that makes better sense?

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                  Make your value list the items 1, 2 and 3 you've just posted. Now you don't have any returns and you have manageable values you can select from a value list. There's a way you can select the title and have the full description appear in a field next to it.

                  First, define a new table, RoleDescriptions with two text fields:

                  RoleTitle (enter one of the three titles you've just posted)
                  RoleDescription (The lengthy, multiline text that describes the role)

                  Enter your RoleTitles and Descriptions into separate records in this table.

                  Define the same two fields in your current table and create this relationship in Manage | Database | Relationships:

                  YourTable::RoleTitle = RoleDescriptions::RoleTitle

                  Create a value list for your role titles, using the specify field option and specify that the titles be listed from the RoleTitle field in the RoleDescriptions table. This way, you can always add more role descriptions or edit them (and their titles) simply by editing the text in this new table.

                  Put the YourTable::RoleTitle field on your layout and place the RoleDescriptions::RoleDescription field next to it. When you select a role title in the drop down, the matching description will appear next to it.

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                    Morning, I have come in, sat down and read what you've put. It made perfect sense, and I could see what you were sying (and learning in the process).

                    After listening to your instructions, I managed to get it working PERFECTLY - I have not long been using FM, but I am pleasantly surprised at the number of things it can do, and the HUGE amount of time it has saved me such as writing 43 letters, each individually written with various bits of information relevant to only the said person, instead of typing, printing, deleting and re-typing etc.

                    Many thanks Phil - I really appreciate the time you've taken to help me on this matter..

                    PS - are you based in the UK?

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                      PS - are you based in the UK?

                      Sorry, I'm a "Cousin Jonathon" living just a few hours drive from FileMaker Inc. here in California.

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                        Hi Phil,

                        Yes - I am based in Stoke on Trent, and help in this country seems very limited. Would love to be able to just pay someone, but because the whole point of this is to help charity, I can't justify spending hundreds/thousands, hence learning myself..

                        Appreciating your - and others - help...