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    Value lists - Sort values



      Value lists - Sort values


      I have a value lists that uses a value from a field and displays even a second field.
      The first field is a number in a scale and the second field a text that explain the scale.
      The problem is that when you choose to display only the second field, FM sorts the list based only on the second field and only in alphabetical order. So the list is totally disarranged as regards my scale.
      Is there any alternative solution to have a value list sorted by the first field, but without displaying it?


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          I've never understood why the sort order for FileMaker value lists are so arbitrary, but they are and always have been.

          1. With a single column value list, there is a work around but it uses the second field for an invisible sort value--not an option here.
          2. You could use a custom value list to get any arbitrary order you want for your values.
          3. You can leave both fields visible to get the values to sort on the first field value.
          4. You can use a portal to display the values instead of a value list. Records in a portal can be sorted by any field in the portal's table visible or not so that gets you your order and the fields in the portal row can be set up as buttons so that clicking a portal row selects that value an enters it into the appropriate field.
          5. Only other option I can think of (and none of these are perfect solutions) would be to reword the values in the second field so that they sort in the desired order. You might, for example, put "a." in front of the first description and "b." in front of the second...
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            Many thanks Phil.

            I already decided to have both field visible.

            I'm modernizing an old Foxpro application and with value lists we are going back instead forward!