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Value Lists and Database Structure

Question asked by jbell2355 on Jul 9, 2013
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Value Lists and Database Structure


     I am new to Filemaker, but understand the concepts behind relational databases.  I am still in the process of learning how to best do things in Filemaker.  I have come to an area that I am really stuggling with, Conditional Value Lists.  I have been able to make them work with sample exercises, but I have not been able to incorporate them into my own project.  So I am posted a snipit of my database structure to show what I have created.  I think I will need to use table occurrences better, but I just have not figured out how just yet.  So for Summary here is what I have:

     I have many Accounts that will each have multiple CONTRACTS. 

     Each Contract will have multiple Shoot Types. 

     Each Shoot Type can have multiple Jobs.

     Each Job will have multiple work orders.

     Each Work Order will have multiple services (some of the services will be repeated for each work order some will not).

     Now with that Background here is what I am attempting to do:

     I want to go to my Work Order Table and create a new work order based on the Account Name -> Contract -> Shoot Type -> Job. 

     It is possible for me to go about this in other ways such as through portals and such, but it seems to be very cumbersome for the end user.  Any help is appreciated.


     *Please note the Green Table Occurences I was able to make work individually for the Home Table from other samples, but not able to incorporate into other areas of my structure.

     The Orange Table Occurences are my initial attempt and base for my database structure.  I am not 100% sure if this is the best way or not.  I am open to ideas and suggestions.