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Value Lists and Dropdowns For Calculations

Question asked by we3dumys on May 5, 2010
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Value Lists and Dropdowns For Calculations


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I have been given the task of creating a pricing calculator for the services my company offers. I have some succes in getting things to work right, but not totally, so I am hoping someone can point out exactly what I am messing up.


So I started the databases by creating separate tables for each different types of services, i.e, FinishingOptions, DataServices. I am only going to use FinishingOptions as an example, because it is pretty typical...


The FinishingOptions table has 2 fields- FinishingType and PerPiecePrice.


What I am trying to do is get the FinishingOptions table to work as a value list, so when the user is doing a price calculation, they can just choose FinishType1, FinishType2, FinishType3 etc from a dropdown, but I can calculate a total based on the PerPiecePrice as defined by the finishing type.


I just don't want the end user to be able see what the price actually is in the dropdown, just FinishingType. Right now, I can get this to sort of work- I get  a dropdown that shows the price, and the FinishingType, and calculates correctly, but it's not the exact behavior I am looking for.


Didn't see anything else on the Forum that dealt with this exactly, or if there was I didn't see it.