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Value lists and indexing global fields

Question asked by LD on Mar 29, 2015
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Value lists and indexing global fields


I have an sql function that triggers via onobjectenter/exit to populate a global field (Valuelist_Source) with a return separated list of values. There is then a value list based on this global field. This value list is used on about 20 different fields to display conditional data from another table. It is based on the Virtual Value List demo which allows you to base a value list on an unstored calculation - although my implementation doesn't use any custom functions, so maybe I am missing something from the technique in the demo. Regardless, it works well, and the issue I have is possibly not related to anything I just described.

I would like to 'Auto-Complete using value list' for these dynamic lists. However that function requires that the value list be based on an indexed (i.e. non-global) field. The problem is if I change the Valuelist_Source field that this dynamic value list is based on to an indexed field, the resulting value list displays all the conditional data currently being used in lists by all clients, whereas when the Valuelist_Source field is a global field it displays a list unique to each user (since global fields are stored locally). So indexing the field means that if two or three people are using the database at once, their conditional lists show a combination of the data that all of them are accessing. (E.g. one user is looking at a list of Cities, one is looking at a list of Zip Codes, each of them then see a mixed list of Cities and Zip Codes.)

I apologize if I haven't explained anything clearly. My final question then is this: is there any way to 'Auto-complete using value list' for a non-indexed field, or is there any way to store an indexed field locally for each client, rather than on the server?