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Value Lists and Tabs and Is Filemaker all it say's

Question asked by StephenJohnson on Oct 4, 2011
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Value Lists and Tabs and Is Filemaker all it say's



I am an expereinced MS Access programmer but I am trying out Filemaker. I am having trouble with Value Lists

Normaly I could Have a SQL query and isolate all the Records in my Databse that Dont have a First Name and Call this Query Company Names

and use this Query for the Value of the Drop dfown list so when I adda name I can Select from the Companys I already have entered and then Select if Emplyee etc.

Also I can chose to have a tab Visable if the First Name Field is Null so All the user sees is the relevant Data for the record. This is proving difficult as it appears the only way on isolating fields is with Conditional formating with Filemaker, any Clues and assistance would be greatfull. 


I want to try to get to grips as the amount of data and plans avaible I may have to go to something a little like oricle