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Value lists as text coding as numbers

Question asked by StuartLockhart on Aug 18, 2011
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Value lists as text coding as numbers


Hi there, I am new to FileMaker Pro and need to get this figured out by a deadline tomorrow. I have completed a database from a survey with over 100 fields. Many of the fields use the same value lists. As an example there are 14 different communites in the "communities" value lists that come through in a drop down menus. This is done several times through the survey. I have need to keep the option for "other" for those infrequent communities. My question is how do I have the communities be encoded as numbers? I am using FileMaker Pro 11.0v3. Also, when the other option is chosen and an obscure community is typed in, that needs to come through as a text value, not a numeric one. 

Whoever could help me I would be forever greatful!! We are a small business without a tech person --> I am it!