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    Value Lists based on Account Name



      Value Lists based on Account Name


      Our company is divided into 6 branches with multiple sales reps in each branch. I have created 6 value lists that include the sales reps within the branches. I want to know how I can limit the user "accountname" at each branch to access only the value list for that location. I want only 1 field called "Salesreps".

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          I would suggest that it is incorrect to have set up six separate value lists. When you do this, you lose the flexibility that you are now asking for. There are workarounds but it would be better to do it properly.


          By 'properly' what I mean is to create a smart value list that will display sales reps for any selected branch. When the user selects a branch in a record, the value list only shows reps for that branch.


          This is done by creating a table with two fields - branch and rep. You create one record for each sales rep. Then you can create two value lists - "Branches" and "Sales Reps by Branch". 


          The Branches value list is easy - it is based on the branch field.


          The Sales Reps by Branch is more complicated. It requires a relationship between the branch field in the record you are working with (sorry, but you didn't say where that was), and the branch field in the sales rep table. Then you choose to show only related records starting from the base table.


          Sorry, it is hard to explain without your example. And I can't post any example files here on the forum. Can you provide more details and maybe I can guess better what you are trying to do. 

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            Thanks David,

            I finally got this to work like I anticipated by following your instructions. I have one little problem though. Each time I select, say, sales rep 1 and then switch to sales rep 2, then vice versa, sales rep 1's name has been replaced by sales rep 2's name . In other words, I now have duplicate names of the sales rep 2 and none of sales rep 1? Is there some type of auto copy & paste going on? If so, how can I eliminate this from continuing to happen?

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              Once you help me resolve the above problem I need help with the following, please.

              At each of the 6 branches, Branch 1, Branch 2, etc., the user will sign in as either Branch 1, Branch 2 & so on. I want Branch 1 to access only Branch 1 sales reps at the same time restrict Branch 1 from accessing the other Branch sales reps. Also, how can I restrict each Branch from browsing any records created by the other Branches.


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                   As we cannot post sample files here and without that, I would be guessing what you have set up, I would suggest that you might like to take this offline and email me a sample file to david at ulearnit dot com dot au. I can help you to resolve the issues you are having.