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Value lists limited to 30000 characters?

Question asked by MatthewRendall on May 30, 2013
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Value lists limited to 30000 characters?


     I use FileMaker to organize my notes on books and articles. I assign my own subject headings to records--reflecting my specific research interests--and since I can't keep hundreds of headings in my head, I enter them into a static dropdown value list. Then whenever I want to search for all my notes on a given topic, I can scroll down, see exactly what heading I gave them, enter it, and pull them up. That the list is static ensures that I keep my headings consistent.

     However, on recently trying to update a value list, I received the message 'The length of the selected text cannot exceed 30000 characters'. That's going to become a problem. Since I read new things, I regularly add new headings to the value list (just as library catalogues must add new subject headings to reflect new topics).

      There appears to be only one discussion of this problem in the forum, dating back to 2006: I'm not sure I understand the advice that was given to the original poster, but it doesn't appear to me that it would solve my problem.

     Is there any way to go beyond 30000 characters? If not, can you suggest anything else? It might solve the problem--though it would be a bit cumbersome--if I could assign two value lists to the same field. Then I could divide my headings into one list for A-L and a second for M-Z. But so far as I can tell, that's not possible.

     Thanks in advance for your advice.