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value lists not displaying in portals

Question asked by JoCrescent on May 9, 2013
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value lists not displaying in portals


     I'm a brand new FM user, on Mac OS X, working on one file with 5 tables

     2 tables (Equip Menu & Equip Order) are linked. These tables have the same 2 fields: EquipType & EquipItem, and were used to create a conditional value list of Equipment Items; I also have a value list of Equipment Types.

     1 table (Consulting Records) is a join table between Assignments table & Expert_Sources table -- this join table is also related to both the Equip Menu & the Equip Order tables

     I've added 2 portals to both the Assignment layout & the Expert layout. The portals on both of the layouts are the same because I want to track information from the same tables with both of these layouts:

  1.           A portal to list/enter the Equip Types as listed in the EquipType Value list
  3.           A portal to list/enter the Equip Items as listed in the EquipItem Value list, conditioned upon the Equip Type chosen

     Both of these portals are "dead." The pop-up lists don't appear & I get no response of any kind when I click on them.

     Portals seemed to be a good solution because what I want is to be able to see/choose ALL the Equip Types an Expert knows as well as the various Equip Items she's expert in for each Equip Type. For the Assignments, I want to be able to see/choose all the different Equip Types involved in the assignment, as well as the different Equip Items for each Equip Type.

     I also attempted to set up an Expert portal on the Assignment layout & that seems to be working, but the Assignment portal on the Expert layout is just as unresponsive as the Equipment portals.

     Obviously, I am not understanding what I am doing, but it seems that such portals should be possible? This is my 3rd try at making all this data interconnect and I am now at my wit's end. Any advise would be appreciated. I suspect that there is something  askew in my relationships, but am too much of a novice to figure it out. Thanks so much.

     I tried to upload a jpeg of the relationship chart, but was unable to.