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value lists that populate multiple fields

Question asked by blur1221 on Jul 10, 2011
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value lists that populate multiple fields


thanks in advance for any insight

I am putting together a inventory database for my ebay business. I buy large lots of used items but overall there are really only about 200 items in total i buy over and over again in these lots. 

I keep track of it all in a fmp database entering each item and then their $$value. I would like to make a value list saying this item is worth $xyz. I would like to select the item from a value list and have it automatically input the name of the item in one field, and the value of the item in another numerical field. I then separately use a calculation field to tally all of the values of the item to see profit loss etc. Im guessing i need to have a portal (never used that feature) with a value list on the other end for all of the 200 items. 

Overall, if anyone could tell me how to create the master item value list and then link it to the fields in the main database, i would really appreciate it!

*** i have attached a screenshot. Basically when i select a item from my pulldown i want it to fill in the revenue, ebay, paypal and ship fields.