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Valued Lists No Longer There

Question asked by KaraAmsinger on Feb 16, 2010
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Valued Lists No Longer There


Hi All.


I am on a Mac OSX 10.5.8 on FMP 10 Adv.


I have a very large database that contains 3 separate Moduel files and has over 10,000 contacts. In this database I have setup some valued lists to have one value be displayed as another value for example _kp_DateID be displayed as NameFirstLastFull. I have created several of these types of valued lists last week and everything was showing correctly. This week I noticed when I go to File>Manage>Value Lists those lists that I have created appear to be there but the Value List Name and Values are blank in the main window that displays all my valued list that I have created. And if I try to edit the blank one's it just spins like its going to open it but doesn't open up, nor will it let me delete them either. Then if I do create new value list and save it as the same name as one that is currently showing as blank it won't let me, so thats why I know it's still seeing the original value lists that I created. 


Any help would be appreciated of how to correct this matter.