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Valuelist in a Portal permissions problems

Question asked by AlishaDenicola on May 16, 2014
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Valuelist in a Portal permissions problems


     Hi forum folks. 

     I'm building a database called Contacts. I'm not a professional, in fact this is about my third Filemaker project and by far the most complex. I don't have a background in scripting or programming. 

     That being said, here's what's up. 

     I have three portals on a layout called "Contact Details." The portals are "Project" "Vendor Type" and "Person Type". Each portal is accessed by an "Add [portal type]" button. Upon clicking the button, the user is moved to the portal row and a drop down list opens, where the person can then select a tag. 

     Each value list is generated from the information entered into that field. 

     Each portal's table is joined to the "contacts" table by a join field. 

     The system works very well, except that we're now setting up accounts and the director wants a very specific set of permissions that I cannot make work. 

     The accounts are: 

     Admin (full access) 
     Participant (can edit contact details and tag projects, vendors, or person types, but CANNOT add new tags to the value lists)
     Editor (can edit contact details and tag, cannot add new tags, and cannot export information) 
     viewer (view only access) 

     The problem I'm running into is that in security, if I change the permission on the field that generates the value list, for example "ProjectType" to view only, then the participants and editors cannot use the tags at all. But if I leave that field as modifiable, then participants and users can add new tags, and the director does not want that. 

     Is there a way to set the permissions so that only one account can add new tags but the other accounts can select the existing tags?