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Question asked by ThomasNL on Dec 9, 2010
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I have a lot of valuelists in separated interface and data files in one combined api.

I need to extract the items in a certain valuelist to make a diagram, I have tried to get this through the ValueListItems(database;valuelist) but it does not produce any content, not when I make a calculation field, nor when I use a variable in a script. All stay empty. Strange thing is ValueListItems ( filename ; valuelist ) needs a TOC name and not the filename (is not accepted in the function).

The only accepted text is ValueListItems ( Werkkaart::herkomst werk ; Werkkaart::herkomst werk ) where Werkkaart is toc in the file the first is the toc and field, the second the toc and the valuelist. If I only fill in first “Werkkaart” it says “table? Not found. And when I fill in only the valuelist name I get the samen message. But it does not require a table as it says filename and valuelist; very confusing.

What AM I not seeing? Has any one had a similar problem or knows what to do?