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    ValueLists How To Posts by FilemakerHacks



      ValueLists How To Posts by FilemakerHacks



      Thinking About Value Lists, part 1
           Posted on September 9, 2012 by Kevin Frank

           In July and August we explored several esoteric value list techniques. This time around, and over the next few postings, we’re going to step back from the cutting edge, identify some common value list challenges, and propose some solutions to those challenges. A few thoughts before we begin:

      1.           Some of the material in this series will be beginner-level; some will be intermediate
      3.           Value lists are subtle and multifaceted; to get them to do what we want, we sometimes have to move beyond the obvious
      5.           As often happens in FileMaker, there are many ways to skin the cat
      7.           I plan to explore only a few of these ways
      9.           But will do so in microscopic detail

           Now on to our first demo (Thinking About Value Lists, part 1 demo 1), which contains a table of employees with office sizes. Here it is in layout mode… SNIP



      Thinking About Value Lists, part 2
           Posted on November 7, 2012 by Kevin Frank

           In part 1 we explored a particular type of value list: the field-based two-column variety, based on all values, and set to show values from the second column only…SNIP