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Values are not committed except by submit button

Question asked by TonySchrick on May 18, 2011
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Values are not committed except by submit button


I have a IWP with a portal and tabs.  When I fill in the first field (value list from another table) it relates to the second field and makes another value list to select from, which in turn makes a 3rd value list.

The in my web browers (firefox 4.01 & Internet Explorer 8.06...) value lists are not popluated unless I press the submit button.  This is true for the second field as well.  I have added a "submit" script to effectively press the button on field exit.  This does not work either.

Submit Script:

Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]

Exit Script []

This layout works correctly without any scripts when I use it via the normal filemaker Pro 11 (advanced) interface.  The scripts do not break anything, so right now they are enabled.

The database is hosted on a FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced Server 11.0v3 Windows 7 server.  I am logging on with the same administrative account for both tests.  The scrips are set to run with full privilages.

I have simular issuses with a Portal in on the record below (doesn't allow editing, until submit is pressed.  Then doesn't show new entries until button is pressed.  It's proabably the same issue.

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