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Values from separate Table in Drop Down List

Question asked by AlexanderKolbe on Nov 15, 2012
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Values from separate Table in Drop Down List


     Sorry for such a dummy question but I'm new to FileMaker.

     I have a table called PRODUCTS that contains several products. The other table, CATEGORY, contains the categories and a number for each separate category.

     The PRODUCTS fields are 

Category (This should be a drop-down from my categories list)
CatNumber (this should be added automatically from the relevant category)
     et cetera


     The CATEGORY table contains only:

     What I want to achieve is when someone adds a record to the products list a popup list should appear where you can chose "Tiles", "Bricks", "Hardwood Floor" for example. I managed to get that. But I also want FM to automatically add the CatNumber when the category is chosen. It should appear like this:

     [Tiles] 09-30-00
     [Natural Stone] 09-50-00

     I managed to create the drop-down list with values from CATEGORY but the number field shows all the numbers available but not the one that is specific for the chosen material.

     Does somebody understand my problem?