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    Values of fields in List Format



      Values of fields in List Format


           I know that isn't going to be the appropriate title but it is the best I could come up with.
           Let's say I have 6 records I'm veiwing. Each of those records have a different color description. I need to find a way to get all 6 of those color descriptions in one field, in a list format so I can copy and paste it easily into another document. As it stands I would have to copy and paste each color description record by record. I know how to set up a value list but that still doesn't allow the ability to copy all names at once.
           Any ideas?

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               You want a list of just the current found set, not all the records in your table, nor a set of related records.

               That actually makes this more difficult to do. If you can define a relationship to the 6 records such that they would appear listed in a portal, then this calculation would produce your list of records in one field:

               List ( RelatedTable::ColorDescription )

               If you have to work from a found set, you'll need a script to put the values into a field and if you are going to copy and paste to another application, the script can also copy the values to the clipboard for you:

               Go to Record/Request/Page [First]
                  Set Variable [$ColorList ; value: List ( $ColorList ; YourTable::ColorDescription ) ]
                  Go to Record/Request/Page [next ;exit after last]
               End Loop
               Set Field [Globals::gColorList ; $ColorList]
               Copy [ Globals::gColorList ]---> this step only works if gColorList is on the current layout.

               Note: I've specified a field with global storage defined in a separate table named "Globals". A global field can be defined in any table in your file and it will be accessible from all layouts and can be placed on any layout where needed.

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                 You continue to amaze me. The script option works best. Thank you!