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    variable data source address



      variable data source address


      I could find an answer for this:


      • I'm working with Fm 10 (server - client)
      • I have some files installed locally (interfaces) and others on the server (data files)
      • I could have multiple installations.

      I connect to data files from interfaces files through the external data source panel which allows me to write addresses only this way (ex.) fmnet:/ip address of server/test.fp7


      My problem is that this "ip address of server" part can change from installation to installation, most notably if i use vpn connection which doesn't allow me to set the ip addresses


      I've tried to write into the "ip address of server" section the name of the host (ex.  fmnet:/FmServer/test.fp7) but it doesn't work


      The question is:


      Is there any way to modify this "ipaddressofserver" part of the address without entering and typing?


      I mean avoiding typing all "ipaddressofserver" possibilities on the addresses list (ex):






      Any solutions? Any trick found?

      I'd be even interested in plug-ins or executables that can do it if this is not possible within filemaker


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          I dont think so. However, you should be able to use the DNS so I dont know why that isnt working for you.







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            From personal experience over a LAN,






            can result in extreme delays in getting the DB to open when line 3 represents the valid IP address.

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              First, thank you all


              Unfortunately i've really few notion on how nets work, so i'd ask you just to confirm if i understood well:


              Just to make it clearer i'll explain more precisely what i have:


              1 program composed by interface files (let's say Int1.fp7, Int2.fp7 ....) and data files (data1.fp7, data2.fp7)

              2 companies where the program has been installed (abc inc. and def inc.)

              2 servers, one for each of the companies, whith different ip addresses (let's say for abc inc and 333.333.333.333 for def inc.)


              each company has its own server where they run their own data files  (data1.fp7, data2.fp7....)

              the interface files are installed on each company's users pcs and they are exactly the same, no matter the company they're installed for (Int1.fp7, Int2.fp7,... are exactly the same for abc inc. and def.inc)


              so in each Int(1,2,..).fp7 file i should have in the external data source a line like this for each data file



              as you can understand this "serveraddress" is my problem. i cannot afford to have it "personalized" for each company.

              i need to have always the same line or find a method to do it variable - how i would like to be able to write it as fmnet:/$$serveraddress/data1.fp7 ;)


               mr_vodka told me that i can use dns.

              as i said i'm pretty ignorant in this matter, so i'll go again for examples


              Lines for the two companies' interface files

              Abc inc. - fmnet/ServerDns/data1.fp7

              Def inc. -  fmnet/ServerDns/data1.fp7


              Can you confirm me that this "ServerDns" can be always the same? Even if, as it is, i have 2 different servers with different ips?


              It's really important for me to solve this matter because it would allow me to fully use this database architecture.


              Thanks again

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                   You can not dynamically use the file reference as such. The best bet would be for you to try and use a DNS and then have your clients name their DNS the way you want when you set them up.
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                  think i'll go this way


                  last question


                  do you know if there's some sort of plug-in that allows to write into the external data source box?

                  I'm thinking, as 2nd option, to set and perform a kind of "find and replace" over ip addresses contained in external data source. that would also solve myproblems without asking my clients to change their dns.


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                       AppleScript on Mac OS X can do that or any application that allows you to control the pointer. AppleScript can be controlled by FileMaker Pro. External applications may not. Essentially, the AppleScript or application would perform the same steps as a user by controling the pointer and keyboard.