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variable data source address

Question asked by andreafrancica on Nov 6, 2009
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variable data source address


I could find an answer for this:


  • I'm working with Fm 10 (server - client)
  • I have some files installed locally (interfaces) and others on the server (data files)
  • I could have multiple installations.

I connect to data files from interfaces files through the external data source panel which allows me to write addresses only this way (ex.) fmnet:/ip address of server/test.fp7


My problem is that this "ip address of server" part can change from installation to installation, most notably if i use vpn connection which doesn't allow me to set the ip addresses


I've tried to write into the "ip address of server" section the name of the host (ex.  fmnet:/FmServer/test.fp7) but it doesn't work


The question is:


Is there any way to modify this "ipaddressofserver" part of the address without entering and typing?


I mean avoiding typing all "ipaddressofserver" possibilities on the addresses list (ex):






Any solutions? Any trick found?

I'd be even interested in plug-ins or executables that can do it if this is not possible within filemaker