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Variable File paths

Question asked by metroart on Aug 9, 2009
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Variable File paths


Output script steps (e.g. Export Records, Export Field Contents, Save Records as PDF) all allow you to set a Variable file path ($Variable), but none of the input script steps (Import Records, Insert Picture, Insert File, etc.) have this ability.
Even though my script can specify the folder from which to import the data, FM won't let me -- FM forces users to navigate the path to the folder manually (at least the first time the script executes) in the "Browse for Folder" dialog -- beginning with the default folder - on my Windows pc, it's My Documents - so you have to click My Computer, click Local disk (C:), click click etc.    
My solution relies heavily on importing data from many different folders. All I can think of to simplify this tedious process is to copy each folder path to the clipboard, so my users at least have the option of pasting it into the Folder field in the dialog and clicking Ok to locate the folder.
Is there a workaround that would allow this instead to be done automatically by a script?