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Variable Layout Name by Calculation?

Question asked by david583 on Feb 2, 2010
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Variable Layout Name by Calculation?


FM Pro10, Windows XP, Hosted Network, always learning.:smileywink:


I want to be able to go back to the layout I came from, and some areas of my interface are accessed from a few different layouts.


I have tried doing it with global variables, as they are stored while the file is open and should work across more than one script.


i.e. button setup: perform script

SetVariable[$$layout_from; Value:Get(LayoutName)]

Go to Layout(by name) [wherever_i'm_going]


and the return to layout in a different script:

Go to Layout(by calculation) [$$layout_from]


However this hasn't worked. I'm not very experienced with variables, so if someone can see what I'm doing wrong I'd appreciate a clue.