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Variable Report based on Rating

Question asked by EdwinMerced on Jul 26, 2015
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Variable Report based on Rating


I have a table with the following fields: FruitName, Fruit Description, FruitRate (lookup value of 1-4)

I have another table with the fields: Store, Manager, Location, FruitRate (1-4).

I need to reate a printed report for each Store where for each store there is a fruit rating. If the fruit rating is 4 or 3 the FruitName and Fruit Description will appear on the report, otherwise (FruitRate is 1 or 2) no text will appear in the report. 

This will include infinite stores but a limited amount of FruitNames (93 exactly). So each store will rate each of the 93 fruits.

Can I get some suggestions on how to best accomplish this in Filemaker?

Thank you