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    Variable Value List



      Variable Value List


      I am trying to create a field whose value list is based upon the data that is entered into a previous field.  For example, Field1 is the Main Category Field, which has a value list of 5 categories.  The end-user would choose one of these 5 categories for this field.  The next field, Sub Category Field, would then have a pull-down value list, based upon the value entered in the Main Category Field.


      Anyone know how to do this?

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          Do a search for Conditional Value List and you should come across many examples.

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            Thanks for the quick response, but I went through the many Conditional Value List examples, and did not find one that fit my needs, or I not good enough to recognize the ones that did. 


            I think I am looking for a fairly simple scenario.  I am just trying to have a field to determine the value list it uses, based upon the data in another field.  I was looking at the self-joining relationships in the "Manage Database", but have not been able to established this correctly, or just too dumb to figure this out :)


            So, I have a field called "Finance Category", which has a Value List with 4 items that can be used.  The next field, "Sub-Categories", I am looking to have it utilized one of the 4 specific value lists that I have created, based upon the data entered in the  "Finance Category".


            If you have a solution for this, I would greatly appreciate it.  If not, I might have to just use your advice based upon your forum's name, and open a bottle of vodka!