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Variables .. Global vrs Local

Question asked by MstrPBK on Apr 25, 2011
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Variables .. Global vrs Local


Forgive me for the poor use of terms.  I know that communties like this can be picky about how one refers to things.

I have a database that has two interally related subdatabases.  I am having problems doing comparitive data from one to tangent by user $$variables.  When directed to accept the data in one the data viewer sees the data.  When the database shifts to the other the data vanish and the variables are seen as nul data.  What might be causing this?

This is a first draft project ... I am trying to construct a soiution to manage a multipul choice quiz randomizing both the order of a selfected block of questions. AND the order of the optional answers.  I simply memorize things to well.

I do not see a means ot attache a clone of the file here but would be willing to show what I have completed so far in the hopes of finding an answer.

Pete Kelley, St. Paul, MN USA