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Variables and Exact Finds / Searches

Question asked by KenDeFilipps on Dec 21, 2014
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Variables and Exact Finds / Searches



A bit of a problem.

Using a script, I do the following:

I set a variable $$ContactId to the client ID number

I then go the the appropriate layout and enter Find Mode

While in Find Mode, I then us a Set Field to the variable $$ContactID

Then perform the find.

The problem is this:

If the $$ContactID value is 1, or 15 or any variation containing a "1" in it, it finds ANYTHING with a "1" in it.

For example, if my $$ContactID value is currently set to "1" it finds all of the following: 1, 10, 11, 105, 115, etc.

In the "Calculated Result" section of the find request I have tried all of the following to make it an exact search:



"=" $$ContactID



All except the first example throw an error, the first example returns any value with a "1" in the field.

So how do I use a Variable in a calculated find result which finds the exact match of the variable?

Thanks in advance.