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Variables and File Paths

Question asked by CarmenICT on Sep 8, 2014
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Variables and File Paths


DB Structure:



These tables are related via a "hidden" index key.

I have a script that reports a file doesn't exist when I run it through the script debugger. Basically, this script looks for a record in a related table, if it doesn't exist, it sets the indexkey from tblstudent, creating the related record, then it looks to see if the container field (picportrait) is empty. If it is empty, it inserts a picture into the container field via the variable mentioned below.

Caveat: I may be using an old "security" method in naming one of my folders on my network with the appended dollar sign "foldername$". At first I was thinking the dollar sign was the issue, but the second attempt does not contain a dollar sign.

I have created a variable in 2 different ways to see if the reference works; however the script debugger reports error 100 (File is missing) and I know the file exists in both instances.

First attempt: 

set variable $PicRef = "filewin://servername/foldername$/subfolder/ & tblStudents::numStudentID & ".jpg"

Second Attempt (this one was attempted to see if the dollar sign in the folder name was causing an issue and the drive letter is a mapped folder on my local machine. I am the only one performing this script, so it's ok.)

set variable $PicRef = "filewin:/I:/Photos/" & tblStudents::numStudentID & ".jpg"

The file name is named with the student's ID number & .jpg

Maybe I am missing something in the format of the variable output; however, it is text, so it should be ok.

Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated!