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Variables from Lookup

Question asked by Jakedeg on Jan 9, 2015
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Variables from Lookup


I have a global variable called $$BackupPath and this is the path that filemaker uses to save backups of itself (via a script). But this path is not necessarily relative to the file and will be different for each computer that access the file. So, I need to somehow have the path be looked-up by computer name. I figured I could make another table with fields for computer name and backup path. But how, then, do I set my variable to equal the path of whichever computer name is currently using the file.

The way I was thinking would be to have an OnFirstWindowOpen script that goes to the layout with the new table, does a find for Computer Name = Get ( HostName ) and then set $$BackupPath  = Backup Path.

Is this the quickest/best way? Is there not a function that can lookup a field in an unrelated table based on a value in another field?