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Variables no longer in FM 11?

Question asked by cheathamtech on Nov 27, 2010
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Variables no longer in FM 11?


I'm very new to this and have Filemaker 11 and only Filemaker 10 manuals and documentation...

In FM 10 you could set a variable, but in 11 in the manage scripts dialog I can't find any reference to "Set Variables."

Perhaps there's something better in 11 and I can't find it?  I'm trying to get the program to recognize a person by his account login..  If my login is mccarverrd.... I want it to greet me with Hello, Dale!

It seems that I should be able to write a script that says IF the login is "mccarverrd" THEN set the Name Variable to Dale and then put on a layout, Hello, NAME VARIABLE !

But I'm having the hardest time making that work...  should be simple, but so far, nothing but grief and misery.

I've tried to set up a table with usernames and first names, but that's not working either...

Any help/advice would be appreciated...  Thanks!