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    Variables on Layouts



      Variables on Layouts


           Pro 12.0V3

           I have a generic message area on all of my layouts which I indend to use to replace dialogs.

           The ability to display variable contents on a layout would be great but I can't see how to do it.

           As an alternative I figured that I could use a table populated with the required messages via a portal.

           So I have created a table and established a self join relationship to one test layout's master table. I have applied a filter to the portal so that it only displays one record. If I use a literal in the filter calculation (Serial No) it displays correctly but if I use a global variable to represent that literal the portal does not display the record.

           Can anyone see a flaw in my logic or offer a better method. I am at a standstill.




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               Guess who just discovered Merge Variables?

               They will do nicely.

               The issue of using a global variable in a portal filter still exists for me. If anyone has an answer that would be great or if it can be confirmed to be a bug I'll report it.



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                 Looks to me like global variables can't be used in a filter (though i'm surprised we're not warned of that when attempting to use one).  Global fields can, so you could do what you are doing with the $$Variable, but set the value to a global field.

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                   I don't see why a global variable can't be used in a filter expression, but getting the portal to update after the value is changed will be an issue. I don't know of an alternative to using Refresh WIndow [Flush Cached Join Results]--which can trigger a significant performance "hit" on getting your layout updated when using a global variable.

                   I'm about to leave for the office, so I'll test this in fmp12 when I get there...

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                     Just ran a quick test. And portal filters do work with global variables, but it takes that refresh/flush script step to get changes to the variable's value to get the portal to update. With fields used instead of variables, there are alternatives to Refresh/Flush that don't have a big of a performance hit.

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                       Thanks again Phil,

                       I went back to the training manual and reread about global fields. I had forgotten they could be used as local memory variables.

                       They will be getting a work out.

                       Great stuff.

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                         What may not be in the training manual is that if you include the global field in the relationship with a cartesian join operator (x). Modifying the value in the global field will update automatically without any need for scripting in most situations and with very limited scripting that avoids Refresh Window in others.

                         Of course, if you are going to include the field in the relationship, you may not need any portal filter at all.