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    Varied/Specific label request



      Varied/Specific label request


      Using a mailing label to label containers ...

      I would like to select what item to print and multiple copies of that label.

      For example: Salmon 4 labels,  Penne 3 labels, Rice 2 labels.


      I have sucessful designed a lable layout with related data, but I would like to be able to "say" I want x amount of labels for a certain item and it then prints the "whole order".


      Thanks for your help.

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          Define a table named Labels. Define 2 fields for it: gSelectedItem, gNumbLabels and give them global storage.

          Relate it to your table of items like this:

          Labels::gSelectedItem = Items::ItemID

          Use a layout based on Labels to create you labels layout, but add the fields you want for your label from Items.

          Then you can enter the number of labels in gNumbLables and the ID of the Item in GSelectedItem before performing this script:

          Go To Layout [Labels]
          Show All Records
          Delete All Records [no dialog]
            New Record/Request
            Exit Loop If [ get (foundcount) = Labels::gNumbLabels]
          End Loop

          Print the resulting found set of records you'll have printed your specified number of labels for your specified item.