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Various database questions

Question asked by jd2775 on Nov 19, 2008
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Various database questions


Hi there, 


Bare with lingo may not be that great!


1.  How can I autodisplay a field that is 1 day after the current day, with the option to modify? What would the script be?  I have a script for auto entering the current date, but can't figure out date +1.


2.  I am entering data in table X, which has 6-7 fields.  I want to generate a report based on data entered.  There is a possibility for multiple options under under many of the fields so I designed them as checkboxes.  The problem is I want to generate reports, both current day, <30 day, and detail forms (in a totally different layout).  When I switch to table view, the checkboxes are shown all over the place.  How can I get each checked box into it's own line in the report as plain text?  Ideally the rest of the information entered would be repeated on each line corresponding with the checkboxed items.  I am thinking I possibly have to have a seperate report layout for this, and can't just use the same table (different view), but I still would need to separate the lines.


BTW, I would be more than happy to email someone a copy of this database if it would help make things more clear.


Thanks for the help