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Various IWP Problems

Question asked by PeterH_1 on Mar 30, 2012
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Various IWP Problems


Hello all,

After never having used FileMaker Pro before, I finally managed to get our contacts database working in the programme itself. I then turned on instant web publishing in order to share the db with colleagues and start filling it up. I realise I should have been checking compatibility as I went along, so apologies for a lengthy post now.

Not a lot works, to put it mildly!

1) multiple selection dropdown boxes no longer work. We need this for things like a country list and specialisms of that contact. Is there a better way of displaying and selecting from large numbers of possible fields? This is v important.

2) our scripted buttons like 'call via skype', 'email' (which are basically web links) no longer work (not that important)

3) Some of the fields do not save - the ones within a tabbed box. Not sure why these are different from this other than being tabbed. Obviously this is quite important.

4) The webpage boxes do not load (not important)

5) The notes feature does not work, which we use for biographical info, projects the contact has worked on etc. This is important.

6) Related contacts - same as in the preloaded template -  seems to not work (not that important)

7) Conditional text formatting does not work. Not a huge issue but field display is now very untidy. 


It would be great if anyone can advise on any of the above.  Which things will never work and which are there workarounds for? All we're really after is an easy way to display and enter information about contacts, so if we're down to simple fields and a notes section, that would be fine. I can deal without having the more advanced functionality.

On a side note, it would be useful for future versions to have a compatibility checker function and perhaps for IWP to use ajax to display data to save constant page reloading.

Again, apologies for being slightly clueless. If anyone could help I would be eternally grateful as my boss is pressing me to finish off the database (!). 

I can send the database if that helps.