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    VAT - changing back to 17.5%



      VAT - changing back to 17.5%


      Hi - last year we changed our VAT to 15% for all invoices after a certain date. We now need to change the rate back to 17.5% as of next year. Can someone help me? at present the field says If( Invoice date >=  Date( 12, 01,2008 ) , 15 , 17.5 ) / 100  * Nett


      Thanks in advance

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          Tax rates change (as you have noticed), and they shouldn't be hard-coded into calculation formulas. You should lookup the current rate from a global field or from a table of Rates into a "local" VAT Rate field, and change your calc to use that field.

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            Thank you for your reply. I don't understand exactly what you mean. Unfortunately the filemaker file was created many years ago. We can't start using a new way of putting in the VAT rate as it will change all the old data. I am wondering if there is a way of changing the field to have a tax rate of 15% between a set of two dates rather than after a specific date. Do you know if this is possible?



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              Yes, it is possible - but hardly advisable, since eventually you will end up with a giant calculation listing all dates and rates in history. Much better, IMHO to fix this once and for all.


              You could find all invoices issued before Dec 12, 2008 and set their rate to 17.5%, then apply 15% to the rest - that way historical data won't be affected.

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                Thanks - would you be able to tell me how to write the field option so that between two dates it is 15% - i only ask because we will be changing the way we do invoices in a few months anyway - and won't have to change the date range/ rates again after this point.



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                  To piggyback on what comment has already said, you would use a record in a table ( perhaps settings or preferences ) to store the current tax rate. Then your tax field for those invoices would use a lookup option to lookup the rate from the earlier mentioned table. So going forward when creating a new invoice, it will look up the rate from that table and store the rate in the invoice. Now when the tax rate changes again, you adjust the rate in the table and then invoices will use the new rate when it looks up.


                  As for the past data, its just a find and setting those records with the tax rate that you want for that date range as comment has already said.

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                    To further piggyback . . . whether by a lookup, auto-enter last value used, or by manual entry, all variables such as tax rates, pension rates, union dues etc. should be stored on a "per invoice" or "per contract" basis (or whatever unit suits your business).



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                      maybe just write a script to fix it up once off, change it to your auto enter lookup


                      then chuck in a script

                      Goto Record Request first


                      If( Invoice date >=  Date( 12, 01,2008 ) , 15 , 17.5 ) / 100  * Nett

                      GOTO record request next [exit after last]

                      End Loop


                      if you run something like this you'll be able to easily fill out all of the tax rates, then just adjust the lookup and your sweet



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                        Actually, finding the records that were before Dec 12, 2008, setting the rate to .175 via Replace Field Contents [], showing the omitted records, and finally using Replace Field Contents [] with a .15 rate on those would work much faster. No script needed.

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                          Can some kind person tell me exactly what to do in detail re how to change my invoices back to 17.5% VAT as I am not a computer whiz kid. many thanks

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                               I see a different forum name here (welcome to the forum) from who started this thread. To walk you through that change, we'd need to know exactly how you currently have this set up in your database. (There's more than one way to do this.)