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VB inputs in to Filemaker 12

Question asked by BrianRay on Oct 9, 2013


VB inputs in to Filemaker 12


      I have been running a VB EXE to input data into a Filemaker 10 database, and it works fine,

     How ever we are converting the database to Filemaker 12 most of it works fine, untill it comes to VB updating the status field, then it throws this error

FATAL -2147217887 Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value.

     have changed the format of the field in the database (tryed all posible options) with the same result.

     format the field as a number VB script wont run, changing it to a text script runs but throws the error

     the input comes out of VB as a string, VB seems to be having trouble inserting the data in this field.