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    VB Script



      VB Script


      I have a file path to an actual folder on a server in a text field. I use the Perform AppleScript to reveal the folder in the Mac OS Finder. This works great but I would also like to do something like this for the Window clients as well. I don't see any place for typing in VB code. Is running VB code within Filemaker Advance 12 not supported?

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          I can execute VB Script or Batch files from a Windows Machine, but it's not a built in feature. You can create a text file with the command lines or VB Script and then use Send Event to open them or you can use export records to generate the text file from records in your database and include the option to automatically open the file as a way to export and execute all in one operation.

          You could also create the needed text file, insert it into a container field and then use Export Field Contents to export a copy and open it as the way to execute the commands or script.

          You might also try using Open URL with a file path to the folder to see if that opens the folder without needing to use a VBScript.