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    Verification options



      Verification options



      Sorry if this has been asked before but I've looked everywhere and can not find an answer.

      I have a very simple Filemaker database, and I would like to include a field to mark if something has been completed.  I was thinking a checkbox, that way I could just check the checkbox, but if it needs to be a radio button that's fine too.  

      My problem is, I would like to sort by whether that field is marked or not, then sort those results by a secondary field.  I can not figure out what I'm doing wromg because the field doesn't sort by the check box field.  I realize it probably has something to do with a value list but I don't need multiple checkboxes, just one.

      I'd also liketo be ableto just have the checkbox/radio button with no description showing, but short of shortening the field, can't figure that out.  



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          You can sort by the check box, just like any other field.  You could make it have a value list of just one value '1'.  Set it on the layout and squeeze the size down so that only the check box (the bit with the x) shows, so you can't see the '1'.  Then put a field label beside it that shows 'Completed?'

          When you check the box it will have an 'x', and clicking again will remove it.

          If you sort by that field it will sort the completed records to the bottom of the list.  (Should do - check it.)

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            IF this is a single value checkbox, you should be able to include that field in your sort order whether you use Sorbsbuster's suggested value of 1 or any other single value you might specify. If you sort by the check box field in ascending order, records where there is no value selected will sort before those that have a value selected.

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              One would think you were both correct, but for some reason, still doesn't sort correctly.  Doesn't really sort at all really, just changes the order of the records.  Set the field with the checkbox o be supplied with a value list with just "1" in there (no quotes) and it still doesn't sort.  All I need it to do is what PhilModJunk suggested but for some reason it just won't work...

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                just changes the order of the records.

                Sorting your records should change the order of the records shouldn't it? That's what sorting is intended to do afterall... (once in a while, someone says "sort" when they really mean "search" so I am checking to make sure we all mean the same thing here.)

                Have you used different value lists with this check box format? If so put a copy of your field on your layout without the check box group formatting--leave it as an edit box and examine the actual data in this field. A checkbox or radio button value list can hide pre-existing data in the field that you can't see until you remove the formatting.

                Also, check for a compatible data type. If your check boxe enters text into the field, make sure that the field is defined as a text field in Manage | database | Fields or it won't sort into the expected order.

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                  "Doesn't really sort at all really, just changes the order of the records."  And 'sorting' would be defined as...?  Wink

                  Don't forget that displaying a check box with a value list will only display the data values that matching the value list values.  Okay: too many 'values' in that sentence.


                  A Check Box-formatted field contains the values:

                  It is defined on a layout as having a value list of:

                  The field when displayed as a check box will only show '1'.  When displayed as a full, long, text field it will display the full contents.  It will sort as the full contents, so would sort to the bottom of the records, as it starts with 'z'.

                  So you ned to start with a check of what is currently in the check box-formatted field.

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                    I took another approach.  I deleted the field in the table that was causing the issue, recreated it and viola, I can now sort how I need to.


                    Thanks for the help.




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                      You had other data in the field.  Betcha.