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Verify Found set > 0 before performing find

Question asked by braxton on Jan 5, 2012
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Verify Found set > 0 before performing find


I am using a selection box as a field to select records I am interested in analyzing out of a list.  When performing a script to create a set of all records selected I get a blank result if no records are selected.  I would like a pop-up to say, "No records selected." before the Find operation is performed.  How would I do this with Filemaker 9 Pro Advanced?  Thanks.

I am currently just letting the user know there were no records selected.  Here is my current script:

Enter Find Mode []
Set Field [Bible::Selection; "*"]
Set Error Capture [On]
Perform Find []
If [Get  (FoundCount ) = 0]
   Show Custom Dialog ["Alert"; "No records are selected."]
End If