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verizon IWP sessions timeout

Question asked by pv on Dec 1, 2010
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verizon IWP sessions timeout


I am using IWP to publish a registration form over the internet.

I am using FM pro 11 and Verizon Fios 35/35 (upload/download speeds) on a dynamic ip address, using DHCP.

I have port forwarding  80 pointing to my computer (running vista). On my web site, I have my link pointing to (my verizon router address).

Using filemaker within the local network works perfect. But if users out on the web or even myself from another computer within my home network try to get to my IWP session, sometimes it works, most of the time it thinks for awhile (10 or so seconds), while at the bottom of the browser says "connecting to" , then either times out (which then I can click the retry & resend button & it may get me back in FM) or it just works. Then I can fill out the form, but when I click any button that takes me to a new layout or the exit button (to commit my record & exit IWP), again it either does nothing, or thinks or just works.

I am filling out the form in less than a minute, I have my IWP idle force logout time set to 10 minutes.

Would going static with verizon solve anything, it costs about $20 more a month, but would be worth it.

I just switched from comcast, & don't think I had that problem,  & they only have dynamic addresses, but I was only using  it for about 1 month, so I'm not positive.

I also tried hosting FM on a windows 7 computer & also changed my website link to & changed my port forwarding to 591.  Still seems to sporadically lose connection to my router.

Any suggestions would be wonderful.

As a side note, as a so-so FM programmer, I thought the filemaker training series for $100 may be a bit of a waste, but it is wonderful, worth every cent.