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    version 11 compatible with version 10



      version 11 compatible with version 10


      My company just bought me Filemaker Pro so that I can add information to an existing database. Database was created in version 10, but they bought me version 11.

      Are compatibility issues likely to arise and would I be better off trying to get a copy of version 10 or going ahead and installing 11?

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          By all means use 11. I do that every day here. There are very few issues you'll have to deal with here. Just be careful not to add a filemaker 11 only feature (it's a short list) and expect filemaker 10 users to be able to see and use them. On the plus side, filemaker 11 gives you a much nicer interface for developing and you'll be able to take advantage of the inspector, easier layout management and drilling down from a button or script trigger to the actual script for editing that you can't with filemaker 10.