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    Version 4 on a new windows 7 computer



      Version 4 on a new windows 7 computer


      Using older version 4 on a windows xp computer.  Computer crashed & I purchased new computer with windows version 7.  What do I need to do to run old program on new computer?  I have saved my .fm files on to an external hard drive.  Will my old program work with windows 7?

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          Personally, I'd upgrade to 11 as soon as possible. Even if you get this to work, you are using a copy that is very limited compared to what is currently possible and is unlikely to be useful on newer computer systems much longer.

          I think there's some kind of "xp compatibility mode" you can use with 7 to run older software. Haven't need this myseilf so I'm not sure if this is true and how to set it up.

          Anyone else out there know anything about this?