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Version differences in terms of what works

Question asked by bogeyman007 on Oct 18, 2012
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Version differences in terms of what works


     I am running FileMaker 10 Advanced on a Mac running Mountain Lion. I know that it is not fully compatible with the new OS but it seems to be running. One of my clients is not prepared to upgrade to ver  12 so I am left with a problem. The other day I went to export a section of the database to Excel and it would not work. I was told that I had to reinstall FileMaker as files were missing. Fortunately I could do it from Excel so that problem has been avoided temporarily. Later I tried to save a list of records to a PDF and the list consisted only of one record when there should have been at least 1000. I am the registrar for a conference and need to do a mammoth printing on conference materials in the near future and I am worried that I am going to be surprised by what I can and cannot print. Does anyone have a list of things that do not work in FileMaker 10 while running OSX Mountain Lion.