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    Version upgrade = reformatting layouts



      Version upgrade = reformatting layouts


      As far back as FMPro7, every time we upgrade to a new version of FileMaker we have the issue of multi-line fields having to be reformatted due to line-spacing issues. We have the further complication of needing all layouts to print the same between Macintosh and Windows machines. This is a serious issue for us as our databases contain literally hundreds of government-approved forms that must conform to approved standards. From paragraphs of fine print to long columns of numbers, entering each line separately to avoid this issue is neither practical or reasonable.

      Looking at FMPro10, we once again see we will have to reformat many forms after upgrading. Nothing changed other than the version of FM - we use the latest version of Mac OS X and keep everything updated. Why does FileMaker change the way it handles line-spacing EVERY time it releases a new version?

      We found one possible solution to the Win/Mac issue in the form of adjusting line-spacing using Pixels as units instead of the default unit of Lines. And we ran across documentation somewhere that said to only use TrueType fonts for cross-platform compatibility. Dealing with these two items has resulted in considerable non-productive downtime. But there shouldn't be an issue of having to fix line-spacing after just upgrading FM versions on the same platform, should there?

      Unless I'm doing something horribly wrong - and I can find no support or documentation that offers an alternative - I feel like we should stop upgrading our FileMaker, stick with one version, and miss out on any new features - just to be able to stop having to fix hundreds of layouts each time. Am I missing something?

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          You're so not missing something. Since version 5.5 of FMP I am unable to get working cross-platform solutions without tremendous amount of work and work-arounds.


          I don't know if this should be reported as a bug or if it's caused by the OS rather than FMP, but here goes:


          Products affected: FileMaker Pro 10, FileMaker Advanced 10

          Special note: I have copied the Verdana font from my Windows installation to the Mac OS X Fonts folders (and removed all previos instances, look out 'cause there are a lot of Font folders in OS X...) 


          Steps to recreate:


          1. Take any FMP file, new or existing.

          2. Go to layout mode.

          3. Grab the text tool, click and type "This is the first line" (yes, you can type whatever you want! ;)

          4. Format the text as Verdana, 10pt. Keep line spacing to "Single".

          5. Click the text item and create a new line (hit return) and type "This is the second line"

          6. Hit return again and type "This is the third line".


          Verify that this text item looks exactly the same when viewed on Mac OS and Windows. Line spacing should be the same on both systems so that if you draw a box using the rectangle tool exactly around the text in OS X, the text shouldn't fall outside the box on Windows (or shrink).


          You can now change the font to bold, or change the line spacing to double or a specified amount. Works fine. Text item should remain identical on both system.


          Change the font size to 9pt and watch the layout fall apart. Line spacing is now way bigger in OS X than in Windows. Why, Oh why??? 

          Also my testing shows that using any other font (any other font that exists in both systems that is) will not work at all. Only Verdana 10pt can be used for cross-platform layout as far as I know.