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    Vertical Divider Lines in List View



      Vertical Divider Lines in List View


      I'd like to include vertical divider lines to separate columns of data in a report. It is a complex layout, and using cell borders is not an option. When I draw vertical lines into the various layout parts I'm having trouble getting them to appear correctly. First off, they are never aligned properly between layout parts (i.e. lines in the header refuse to align those in the body), even though the inspector shows that they are in exactly the same horizontal position.


      The second problem I'm having is that when I resize the window, the lines all shift to the right as I drag. This even happens if I group them with another object... a data cell for example. The cell stays put, but the lines still shift. Does anybody know what gives? 

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          "when I resize the window, the lines all shift to the right as I drag. "

          Look up "Setting auto-resize options for layout objects" in the on line help. It sounds like you have this option enabled for your objects. (It's controlled by the Object Info palette.)


          I haven't had problems aligning vertical lines in the body with vertical lines in the header, but if you need to make micro adjustments to a layout object, select it and use the arrow keys to "nudge" them one pixel at a time.


          You may already know this, but you can click on the units to cycle through the options from inches to centimeters to pixels. I set my units to pixels when using the Info Palette to adjust an object's size or position.


          Hopefully that'll help you out.


          Normally, I just turn on the left and/or right borders of a cell get vertical lines, but I know that's not always possible or ideal. Sometimes the border is too "tight" to the edge of the data and sometimes you want borders where there is no object with just the right position/size to provide the desired line.