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    Vertical Lines



      Vertical Lines


       Hi All,

      Im trying to draw a vertical lines in my data base, how can I draw a vertical lines from header down to the body without any gap?

      Thank you.


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          Is there anything set to slide up in your layout?

          If not, you can draw vertical lines in each layout part and align them so that they look like one line.

          If you have sliding, you may not be able to do this and have something that looks 100% correct. You can draw a line that starts in the header, croses the body and extends at least one pixel into the footer and you'll get a line that's in the right place and everying will still slide, but that one pixel that extends into the footer can be a real ugly aspect if you can't find a way to blend it in with other objects on your layout.

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             Thanks Phil...Got it..