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Vertical spacing problem

Question asked by john9210 on Feb 21, 2012
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Vertical spacing problem


FM 11, Adv. I'm having trouble aligning to the grid by dragging. I'm looking for a way to equally space fields vertically on a layout after a change is made to the grid spacing. When I start a new file, I have the grid set to the way I use it most. I’ll create layouts and populate them with fields. However, I sometimes return to a layout and need adjust the vertical spacing between the fields to a value not equal to the current grid setting.

Set rulers is a great way to space new objects but does not work for objects created before the grid spacing is changed. These “old” objects do not align to the new grid by dragging. So it can be a lot of work to re-align.

Is there a simple way to equally space old objects after a change is made to the grid spacing?