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Very basic activation question. Please help !!!

Question asked by MarkMitchell on Mar 19, 2012
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Very basic activation question. Please help !!!


Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of getting everything transfered over software wise from our old MacBook Pro to our new iMac. Everything is working seamlessly aprt from Filemaker Pro. 

My girlfriend uses it as a database for the kids rugby club that she is Club Secretary of. Having read around I thought it would just be a case of simply de-activating the Filmaker Pro from the laptop and then re-activating it on the new desktop. The de-activation process went smoothly enough, but trying to reactivate it gives me a message that says "General Activation Error has occured (50040)"

Unfortunately the timing of the customer support hours here in the UK are particularly inconvenient for me. I work til 4pm and tried calling at 4.30 today when I got home without any answer. 

A few questions if I may. The version of FileMAker Pro in question is 9.0v3 and we have the license key. is there a good time to call ? Do I need to be in front of the actual computer when I make the call or can I call from my work ?

Please help as if my girlfriend cannot access he database for too long I am gonna be in real trouble!!!