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Very Basic Lookup Help

Question asked by DGT_teacher on Jan 28, 2011
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Very Basic Lookup Help


Hi - 

I have a database that has one table of students and another table of students' standardized test scores listed by the test number and then the test code with the test score (i.e. a single student will have 3 - 5 test instances). I want to create a layout that has the single student and a list of all of their test scores with a label indicating the test code or the type of test they received the score on.

I don't know how to define the field in the new layout such that there will be a record for each student with a "lookup" of all of the students relevant test scores. I know this is probably very basic relational database stuff but I'm starting from scratch.

I think part of the key here is that I need to match data within fields (the type of test) to the test score and then match all of those things to the same student who took all the different tests.