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    Very basic question



      Very basic question


      Sorry about the low level question, but I cannot find anything on the web that will answer this clearly.

      I want to develop Databases on both my MAC and Work Laptop (running Windows), and then deploy the resultant web site containing the FileMaker database on a Windows Server for multiple Users to login and add data.

      My local Apple store told me I need FileMaker installed on all machines that will use the FileMaker system, so in the case of the above, that would mean three copies.

      Is this correct, or will a single copy of Pro or Advanced allow me to do the above?

      Thanks in advance



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          Check your license agreement. You'll need at least 2--one for the server and one for your development machine, unless you pay a hosting service to host the database for you.

          Installing FileMaker on both platforms requires separate installers. If you have both, there is no technical barrier to installing FileMaker on both as long as you don't try to access a hosted file on your server from both machines as the same time. (You'll get an error message and FileMaker will quit on the second machine.) Not being a lawyer nor an official rep for FileMaker, i'm not sure if you can consider your install of FileMaker on your second machine your "backup" install that your license permits or not...